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Corporate information

At Renting Colombia we want you to learn more about us. This is the reason why we have detailed information of our business available to you.


Our organization was incorporated on October 8, 1997 under the corporate name Surenting S.A., as response to the worldwide evolution of leasing companies, which split their financial and operative leasing services to offer, through operative leasing, additional services that generated value to their clients and were focused toward the thorough management of the vehicles fleet.  By closing year 1998, our first year of operations, we had 128 vehicles placed and a services portfolio that included the maintenance service. 

In November, 2005 , Leasing Bancolombia S.A. (formerly Leasing Colombia S.A.) absorbed  Suleasing S.A., who for that time was its main shareholder, thus becoming the majority shareholder of the company.

On November 10, 2006, the company changed its corporate name from Surenting S.A. to Renting Colombia S.A., which remains to date.  That same year we acquired the  “Localiza” franchise from Brazil which purpose is to render to all public the vehicle rental service for days and for 1 year maximum to be exploited in Colombia.

In year 2007, as a business expansion strategy, we incorporated in Peru, in conformity with the laws of said Republic, a company devoted to the activities of renting vehicles named Arrendamiento Operativo CIB SAC, and next year we acquired the entire shareholding property of Transportempo S.A.S, company that has been incorporated in conformity with Colombian laws and which economic activity is the development of a cargo logistic and transport land operation model.

Currently, besides of having expanded our services offer, we have positioned in the Colombian market as the vehicle renting leading company.

Recognitions and Ratings

At Renting Colombia we have obtained following ratings that ratify the soundness of our management:

  • Risk rating agency Fitch Ratings granted AAA(col)  to the Issue of Ordinary Bonds of [CAR1]  Renting Colombia, with a steady perspective.

Likewise, we have been awarded with following recognitions:

  • At its Convention of Suppliers Recognitions, Bavaria has awarded us as best supplier in:
    Productivity (year 2014).
    Responsible Supply (year 2013).
    Of Year (year 2011).
    Productivity (year 2010).
    Quality improvement (year 2009).
    Investment and growth (year 2008).
  • In its Strategic Partners Assessment Model, Avianca granted us the following recognition:
    Excellent Management and Commitment (year 2013).

Regulations of interest

Law 1503 of 2011

  • Whereby the formation of safe habits, behaviors and conducts on the road are encouraged and other provisions are ruled. 

Decree 2851 of 2013

  •  Whereby articles 4, 9,10, 12, 13, 18, and 19 of Law 1503 of 2011 are set forth and other provisions are ruled.

Resolution 1565 of 2014

  • Whereby the methodology guideline to prepare the Road Safety Strategic Plan is issued.